Venue: Chr. Hansen Auditorium, Centre for Health and Society, University of Copenhagen
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Dates: 16-17 September 2024

Monday, 16th September  
 16:00-17:00 Registration opens
Opening of meeting  

Welcome note by Prof. Theis Lange, head of Department of Public Health.

Welcome Note and practicalities by Prof. Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen

Poster session I and mingling    
17:30-20:00 Poster session I

Mingling with finger food and drinks

Tuesday, 17th September  
08:30-09:00 Registration open
Session I  

Prof. Olof Stephansson
Title: Scandinavian studies on Covid-19 infection, vaccination and perinatal health

Dr. Olga Basso
Title: Incomplete denominators and interpretation of evidence in perinatal research

Abstract talk:
Abstract talk I: TBA

Coffee break   
10:15-10:45 Coffee
Session II  


Prof. Eduardo Villamor
Title: Intergenerational programming of adverse perinatal outcomes

Prof. Tine Brink Henriksen
Title: Preterm birth or preterm born?

Abstract talks:
Abstract talk II: TBA
Abstract talk III: TBA

Poster session II and lunch   
 12:15-13:45 Poster session II


Hot topic debate: Full genome newborn screening, Pro et contra   
 13:45-14:45 Discussion panelists:

Dr. Janine Felix: Newborn genome sequencing: too much, too early?
Dr. Andrea Ganna: Why we should sequence everyone (who wants to).  
Patient voice: Rebecca Middleton, Vice-Chair for Rare conditions ->June 2024.

Session III   
 14:45-15:15 Abstract talks:

Abstract talk IV: TBA
Abstract talk V: TBA

Coffee break   
 15:15-15:45 Coffee and Poster session II (continued)
Session IV  

Prof. Deborah Lawlor
Title: Using observational data to determine drug effectiveness and safety in pregnancy

Prof. Robert Platt
Title: Causal inference in perinatal epidemiology – do we know what the question is?

Closure of meeting  

Awards, announcement of next meeting, closing remarks

Optional informal dinner